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Allen R Cerullo - Position Points

Where do I stand on the issues that effect Pennsylvanians and the residents of the 187th District?  Following are some issues that I would be happy to discuss with you and provide more detail. 

Property Taxes:

Residential and agricultural property owners are bearing an unfair share of the tax burden for education in this state.  A redistribution of taxation and a shift to a more user oriented system would spread the responsibility more evenly.  I will encourage economic development from industries such as pharmaceuticals and others that build the tax base but do not increase the burden on the school system. 


Local control is sacred.  I will work to achieve smaller teacher to student ratios and exercise more restraint in spending.  Throwing money at our education problems without a plan is wasteful. 

Gambling legislation:

I do not support gambling as a means to reduce property taxes.  Gambling causes a need to increase security, it is a regressive tax on those that can least afford it, and slots are the most addictive part of gambling.  I believe gambling is not a solution, it is a problem. 

Aid to Senior Citizens:

I will search for funding for the expansion of PACE program, work to provide free bus transportation based on income and age, and cut wasteful spending for ineffective government programs. 

Infrastructure/Public Safety:

First and foremost, I will work to get our District’s “fair share” of dollars returned to our District in order to establish a traffic light at RT 100 and Claussville Road and establish a traffic light at RT 100 and RT 309.  I will work to build coalitions with other Representatives to effect these much needed and long overdue projects. 

Development Control/Open Space/Agriculture:

I will make it a goal to preserve open space/farms by making farm land more valuable by providing more markets for agricultural products.  I will provide a forum to allow farmers and alternative fuel producers the ability to have informed discussions.  I will work with local municipalities to provide Regional planning and take advantage of existing zoning ordinances to provide for community needs. 

Health Insurance:

I favor the immediate and thorough evaluation of our entire health system to promote an educated and informed discussion to address issues of spiraling costs, malpractice litigation and the medical malpractice insurance dilemma.  Pennsylvanians deserve affordable and effective health care which can only be achieved by creative solutions based on accurate facts. 


Pennsylvania has spent over 13 billion dollars during the past three years on road repair in State and Federal funds.  We need to bring our “fair share” of the funds back to our district.  There is a significant amount of repair that needs to be done to improve our infrastructure of roads and bridges.  I will work to bring those dollars back to our district. 

These are my objectives and concerns.  I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work for you to make them count.

I understand the importance of one vote.  I will use my vote in the House to promote a positive agenda for the 187th district.

Make your vote count.  Please vote on April 22nd.


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